How to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Bologna

Posted: 20th December 2021 13:24

Traveling to Italy is the perfect vacation destination, and Bologna is an underrated city along this trip. Bologna, Italy is full of rich history, food, culture, art, and a relaxed atmosphere that is a must-see when passing through Italy. From adventurous activities like climbing medieval towers to going on a food tour, there’s a lot to do. Enjoy shopping, exploring, sightseeing, eating, drinking, and much more when you visit the lovely city of Bologna. When traveling to this city, it’s vital to keep your bags and belongings safe. Luggage safety relies on a few important practices and tips. This guide takes a closer look at how you can keep your luggage safe when in Bologna! Read on to learn everything you need to know!

Don’t Leave Your Bags Unattended

The first and most important rule of luggage safety while on the go is to never leave your bags unattended. Leaving your bags alone sparks a few different responses. First, someone is likely to steal a bag left in the open. Especially if it looks like a suitcase or nice carry-on bag, if someone nearby wants to make a quick buck or is an opportunity, the chances are likely that you’ll come back to find your bag missing. Another risk of leaving your bag unattended is losing it altogether. You return to the place you swore you left it and it’s nowhere to be found. You look around everywhere and can’t seem to remember exactly where you placed your luggage. With tourists and residents bustling around on all sides, the chances of finding your luggage again are slim. And, of course, leaving large bags unattended can be considered a danger in many places. It’s best to stay with your bags at all times, even when going to the bathroom or just popping into a cafe to order coffee!

Use Security Precautions

Many suitcases come with locks, codes, keypads, and other security precautions to discourage things like theft. You can also use zip ties to discourage this!

Use a Luggage Storage Facility

The best way to keep your luggage safe in Bologna is to use a facility for luggage storage bologna. Here’s why! 

Prevents Luggage Theft or Loss

If you’re left with your luggage during your down time, in between transportation, or in between hotels, you run the risk of luggage theft and loss. While standing next to your luggage and taking certain security precautions can help secure your belongings, the risk remains. Using a luggage storage facility can help eliminate the risk of losing your bags or having them stolen! Our facilities provide security and up to $10,000 in insurance for your bags and belongings. This can help you explore with peace of mind!

Helps you Explore Hands-Free

One of the most inconvenient aspects of exploring with your luggage is that they drag you down. Instead of being able to explore hands-free, you have to carry three different bags at once. This is not only inconvenient, but can get uncomfortable if you have to walk far. Even in your down time, it’s important to explore new areas and cities. Don’t let your luggage weigh you down. Store your luggage, instead! By storing your luggage in our nearby facilities, you can enjoy exploring the area during your free time hands-free! Take all the photos you want, eat all the snacks, and even enter museums and exhibits without worrying about leaving your luggage outside.

Allows for Flexible Travel Plans

Even if you plan out your entire trip's itinerary by the minute, chances are your plans are going to change at least once. That’s why we made our luggage storage facilities across the globe allow for free cancellations and easy online booking. With free cancellations, you don’t have to worry about paying money for luggage storage that you can no longer use. If your flight is moved up, your travel plans change, or you simply change your mind, simply cancel and enjoy your trip! And, if your plans change and you need last minute luggage accommodations, you can book from your mobile device or computer! With multiple facilities in each location, you’ll be able to find a place to store your luggage even if another is full. Some locations are even open 24/7 for easy access and flexibility! If your plans change, don’t sweat it! Our luggage storage facilities have you covered.