How to Prevent Disaster for Your Next Business Event

Posted: 2nd February 2017 15:34

If your business is one of the many types of businesses that thrive off of the success of events, read on to find out what can cause problems for your business events, how to prevent them, and tips for success. Whether your event is a presentation, a trade show, or a convention, they are usually make or break; you don’t get a “do over” and there usually isn’t a “next time” because the opportunity for getting sales or promoting your business has passed for that event. This article will feature tips on preventing a disaster for your next business event.
Tips for Selecting a Venue for Your Business Event
One of the most influential factors for a successful business event is the venue. Selecting the right venue can make all the difference in the world, and the wrong venue can spell disaster. The infographic above outlines what planners suggest to look out before selecting a venue. Here are the recommendations from event planners:
In addition to the points above in the infographic, it is important to get a guarantee from the venue that there are not any other bookings during the time of your event. If there are other events, is there enough room or will it make the venue too crowded. Waiting for elevators and crowded restaurants can cause your attendees to have a bad experience. Is there a backup plan available? What if something happens to the venue you have booked that is out of your and their control? It is always a good idea to have a backup ready just in case so that you can be prepared even when others are not.
Tips for Successful Business Events
Besides preventing the bad things from happening, you should also plan for success. Often this comes with time and putting on events regularly. However, you can also set your business event up for success with careful planning. One of the best things you can do is offer branded merchandise for your staff and promotional product giveaways for your attendees. Even staff should wear branded clothing for the event so that they can be easily identified. Attendees at business events often expect to get promotional products or branded gifts whether they are simple pens with the event logo on, name badges, reusable bags for carrying event materials, or other coveted merchandise “swag”, there are a few rules to follow. At GoPromotional, we have had years of experience providing promotional products for business events. Our three keys for success with business branded gifts are 1.) the promotional product should represent your business well, 2.) it should be useful to the recipient, and 3.) make sure it is something that reminds people about your business, the event, and what you do.