Kueskens Beratung Wins Business Consultancy Firm of the Year

Posted: 5th April 2024 12:08

Winner in the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2023/24 

Led by Christoph Kueskens – a specialist in change management and executive coaching – Kueskens Beratung is a business consultancy focusing on sales and acquisitions. The Düsseldorf-based consultancy helps a diverse range of industrial organisations acquire new customers, revitalise their existing customer base, and ultimately realise their business potential. Christoph’s depth of experience in motivating individuals and leadership teams, alongside helping them master fresh sales challenges, has seen Kueskens Beratung become a sought-after source of expertise in Germany. The consultancy has aided organisations such as machinery and assembly experts Alexander Schraudner Montagetechnik, energy efficiency and sustainable energy procurement services Galleher + Partner, and project management company THOST.
Kueskens Beratung’s tailored guidance often encompasses key elements of the organisation’s overriding strategy, and Christoph can connect and work with employees and managers at all levels of the business to improve performance. The consultancy truly takes on the position of a partner to its clients, co-ordinating detailed assessments of their sales departments in-particular to uncover any underlying problems – but most importantly, their hidden potential. Beyond adding fluency to the sales process and helping companies target new sources of revenue, Christoph’s expertise in executive and life coaching is a key part of his appeal. Sales teams, and individuals within them – including managers – can gain much from Kueskens Beratung’s coaching services, which enable them to establish rapport and trust with potential customers, converting leads into sales.
The judging panel was particularly impressed by the depth of Christoph’s support, as he helps businesses acquire new customers – and retain their existing ones. Kueskens Beratung markets their services more effectively to carry out targeted acquisitions and widen their potential for taking on fresh business. However, Christoph’s tailored campaigns are also a key factor in revitalising his client’s current customer base – particularly those that are passive and contributing less revenue – and transforming them into customers that truly enhance the company’s profit margin. Blended with Kueskens Beratung’s motivational coaching, the consultancy has driven exceptional success and business growth.
“Kueskens Beratung blends customer acquisitions, business development, and motivational coaching into one results-driven solution.”