Life Hacks for Writing Business Emails

Posted: 20th July 2018 10:06

Since many companies work online, it is much more common to receive a business message via email than through the slow traditional mail. Thus knowing how to write a professional business email is very important for every entrepreneur. Here are some tips to set you on the path of running your business professionally using the right business email techniques.

To design an email correctly it is essential to know the purpose of the message and your relationship with the recipient. For friends or family, the rules are much more flexible than when writing a formal email: when we deal with a group of people from a familiar environment, we develop communication patterns that work or are understood correctly only within that group . Sometimes, in this type of communication between friends there are already internalized and assumed concepts that might sound inappropriate or abrupt in communication with a stranger. Therefore, following a protocol in the professional sector is essential.

Use a detailed subject

Business executives usually complain that emails with issues are vague or without content, and end up in their junk mail folder. Avoid being ignored by including a simple but complete matter under your Subject or email title.


Business emails have become so informal that there are people who do not even greet when they start. Avoid this habit. Address the person you are writing to correctly using a period instead of a comma. For example, "Dear Mr. Smith." is the correct way to start a business email. You can change it to a comma once the correspondence has been established.


Skip the personal story and get to the point quickly. The business email should be short and concise. You can tell your co-worker about your child's birthday party in the break room but not in the report you are sending.

Choose a sentence to finish the mail and always opt for it

If you prefer to use a "Thank you", then make it so all your business emails always end in the same way. Some people prefer "Sincerely" or "Regards" or "Very kindly". If you are consistent with your farewells, people will associate that greeting with your emails and feel that they know you better as a partner.

Create a well-informed but controlled signature

The signatures of the business emails must include the full name (never just the initials), your title, the name of your company and any pertinent information that a company may need to contact you. Resist the temptation to make a signature of 10 lines long since this would be somewhat unforgiving in the commercial world.

Double check

Always check the email to correct any spelling errors it may contain. It is not appropriate for you to use an informal style. Avoid using exclamation marks. The tone of the message is difficult to interpret in an email. Keep a neutral tone using points instead of exclamations. Most people prefer to attach documents instead of copying them and pasting them into the body of the email.


When you send a business email, remember the power of "CC" (with copy) and "CCO" (with hidden copy). Your email can be read by anyone you have included in "With hidden copy" at any time, therefore, it is important that you maintain the professional style.

The perfect email on a day-to-day basis is characterized by an informative and polite tone. That means that when preparing an email we must take our time. The effort is worth it: a carefully written and dedicated message in a work email has much more effect and impact than one full of errors and written with haste. In the long term, email labels also help ensure that business relationships develop positively.

Business email writing help

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