Marketing for Success

Posted: 23rd March 2017 08:40

One of the most important questions that many business owners have is “how can the business advertise with little or even no money, and be successful at it?” Believe it or not, there are many ways to do this. We have put together a short list of a few of them here. One of these tips might just trigger an opportunity for marketing that you might not have considered before. All it takes is a single good idea that is implemented well to launch a business to new heights. Maybe you will find that magic one for your business below. 

PPC Management

This is the process of managing and overseeing the PPC ad spend for a business. This might often include ad buys and strategizing while also minimizing the total expenditure for the company. PPC management can be done by the vendor or e–merchant themselves, or by a dedicated business that is hired to manage the PPC campaign on behalf of the business. Effective management of a PPC campaign includes keyword analysis, channel strategy, monitoring, being aware of the ROI, competitive analysis, negative match, and A/B testing. 
Businesses who do well by hiring PPC management companies include any that are new to advertising online, companies that do not have an advertising team in house, small businesses that don’t have the manpower to oversee the PPC campaign effectively, and businesses that can’t afford the software and database systems that are necessary for the optimal management of a PPC campaign.

Use Apple’s Strategy

This is a good strategy to emulate because Apple is a brand that created a whole generation of people who will be lifelong customers. This is the dream of every brand at every product launch. So, how did Apple manage to do this? Think back to when they first introduced the iPod. Their strategy included style, focus, and empathy when they utilized those silhouettes of people who were enjoying their iPods. The iPod might not have been the very best in terms of MP3 players, but their advertising campaigns created brand recognition that was the key element to them being able to dominate the market. 

Become a Guru

It doesn’t matter if you fix teeth or sell real estate, you know a great deal about your business. Much more, in fact, than your customers know. Use that expertise to your benefit. One great small business marketing tip is to become a guru. The world tends to have an affinity for experts. Publishing a comprehensive white paper or a newsletter might require a bit of research and time. However, you will probably be able to find a cash-strapped, willing, and able journalism or business student who can write what you need. 

Add Something New

Each time your business adds something new, you essentially have created an opportunity for you to garner more sales. For example, say you add a bit of new information to your website. When your customers and prospects visit your website to view this tantalizing new information, it creates a whole new selling opportunity. When you add a new service or product to your repertoire, you can typically expect to see an increase in your sales. The new item will increase your sales numbers in 3 ways. It will enable you to get even larger sales by combining more than a single item into special offer packages. It will generate repeat sales from your already existing customer database from former customers who are also looking to have any new products or services you might offer. It will also attract brand new customers who might not have had any interest in the services and or products that you already had on offer. 

The Internet

It wouldn’t be honest to pretend as if the Internet was a cohesive whole when it comes to marketing – such as a section of the highway where you might erect a billboard or a community hall in which you might put up a poster. That being said, the Internet has a massive impact on marketing. While previous methods of marketing haven’t changed much over the past half century, the Internet was born and then evolved quite rapidly in the same time frame. It begins with a company website and goes through Google and social media and even blogs. All of these and more are the building blocks of advertising online.