More Startups Are Relocating to UAE for These Reasons

Posted: 9th January 2018 11:47

Some of the best startups and tech companies in the world are starting to look away from the San Francisco area towards new potential locations. There are cities across the United States that offer better business environments, particularly for new companies. The more established startups, on the other hand, prefer to tap into the global market.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a prime destination for startup relocation and expansion. Cities like Dubai offer all the facilities a startup will ever need to succeed. There are three main reasons why more startups are considering the UAE for relocation.


The location of the UAE and the cities in it makes this area perfect for global companies. Startups based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can access more international markets. Expanding to Asia is relatively easy to do from the UAE. At the same time, maintaining access to European and US markets is just as hassle-free.

The UAE is quickly becoming the central hub for international companies. Many investment firms, particularly those backed by Middle-Eastern investors, are also setting up shop in the United Arab Emirates. Not only will you be able to access more markets; you will also be much closer to potential investors.

On top of that, there is the fact that the UAE gives you access to more manufacturing options. You can outsource your manufacturing to countries like Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. You also have the ability to tap into India’s growing manufacturing sector by relocating to the UAE.

Human Resources

The second reason why relocating to the UAE is now a very popular solution is talent. As cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi attract more international talent, companies expanding or relocating to these cities have more qualified candidates to access.

There are agencies that help startups and established companies fill key positions in their organizations. The best staffing UAE agencies already have a massive database of talent, including international professionals with intentions of moving to the UAE.

Once again, location is a big part of the UAE’s growing talent pool. The cities themselves are very attractive with their luxury amenities and easy access. As more companies move their operations to the UAE, the job market will become more appealing to the best professionals from around the world.

Amenities and Support

We can’t negate the fact that the UAE government is making a real effort to attract companies from different parts of the world. There are tax breaks, financial aid, and a comprehensive support system for companies, investors, and business owners moving to the UAE.

There are plenty of great deals to benefit from too. For example, you can use an entire serviced office free of charge for a full year if you make certain commitments to the local government. Regulations are put in place to encourage business growth and help new startups thrive.

The combination of these factors makes the UAE a prime destination for businesses. It is not surprising that more and more startups now base their operations in Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates.