PokerStars Celebrates One Year Anniversary in New Jersey

Posted: 16th May 2017 10:56

PokerStars is launching a series of promotional offers as part of its one-year anniversary celebration in New Jersey. The online poker room practically started the whole online poker boom in New Jersey following the opening of NJ’s legal online gaming market and the introduction of new regulations last year. It has since attracted a large number of players, making it one of the most popular online casino outlets in the state.
PokerStars celebration of its anniversary is not just about attracting new players. Existing players are being pampered with a series of deals, bonuses, freebies, and other special offers to make the online poker scene even livelier.

A Growing Business

Since the launch of PokerStars NJ in March 2016, the online poker industry in New Jersey has grown by more than 11% this year alone. The growth rate may not be as substantial as the average growth of NJ’s now booming online casino industry, but it is certainly not to be taken lightly either.
PokerStars is one of the leaders of the charge, creating a big impact when it first launched it's New Jersey-based online poker rooms. Since then, the online poker industry has continued to bank substantial revenues one month after another.
The latest report from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement reveals that online poker contributed $8.5 million in revenue last month alone. This is a smaller portion of the $40 million jump in average online gaming revenue, but PokerStars is planning to change that with its array of promotional offers.

Players Pampered

There is no shortage of special offers to claim during the anniversary celebration. New players who are signing up for the first time can start playing online poker right away with a cool $50 welcome bonus. There is no deposit required to claim the bonus amount and players can use the bonus money to play live games and win real cash prizes.
This particular promotional offer will bring a lot of new players who have always been curious about online poker but aren’t convinced about giving it a try. Experts are already predicting a big jump in revenue in the following monthly reports from the DGE.
As mentioned earlier, PokerStars are also catering to existing players, offering deposit match bonuses of up to $600 and a long list of other perks. There are spin-and-go jackpots, special tournaments, and online-only live events to join.

Unique Opportunities

There is one big advantage that PokerStars has in New Jersey, and that is the availability of brick-and-mortar poker rooms. This allows PokerStars to take some of its best online players and bring them to Atlantic City for exclusive live games. The company tried this back in the 2003 World Series of Poker and it was a big success.
We’re still very early in the celebration, so expect to see more promotional offers, great activities and events, and of course exciting poker tournaments and games to play on PokerStars online poker rooms. The impact these promotions have on the industry will be substantial.