Real Estate Remains the Most Sought-After Investment on Earth

Posted: 2nd October 2020 08:30

From precious metals to corporate stocks to cryptocurrency, the world is full of investment opportunities. Yet despite the diversity of possibilities, there remains a timeless option available to investors. We’re talking, of course, about real estate.
Here are the main reasons why real estate remains the most sought-after investment opportunity on earth:
It’s everywhere
The significance of real estate investment makes sense when you consider how essential land and property are for virtually everything we do. Farming, mining, manufacturing, learning, living, healing, you name it, and we need a piece of property to make it happen. From luxury condos in Midtown Manhattan to grain silos in Iowa, society cannot function without land. Even the internet relies on physical data centers to exist. With this in mind, real estate is one of the safest forms of investment out there.
It’s unique
Real estate investment is not an ordinary way to make a living. You don’t go into an office and work eight hours a day, five days a week. Instead, you could be visiting a construction site in the morning, meeting with bank officers around lunchtime, and catching an evening flight across the country for a ribbon-cutting ceremony tomorrow. According to Ziel Feldman, chairman and founder of HFZ Capital Group, the unconventional nature of real estate investment lends itself to creating a more balanced life. In other words, real estate investment is different enough and diverse enough to let investors carve out their version of work-life balance. It’s one of the reasons real estate remains the premier investment option on the planet.
It’s secure
As mentioned earlier, real estate is the core asset needed for society to function. That makes it a vital element of the economy that holds value through the good times and the bad. The security of real estate investments makes them alluring to investors worldwide. It’s not uncommon for property developers in New York and other major cities to invest in faraway real estate, sight unseen. That’s a testament to the security of these investments, which is a result of their importance.
It’s valuable
The demand, allure, and security of real estate investing all take a backseat to its potential as a lucrative source of profit. It’s the value of real estate that’s made it so desirable in the eyes of investors in the past, present, and future. So long as land and property remain reliably valuable, real estate will continue to be the most sought-after investment opportunity available.
It’s eternal
Land, for the most part, doesn’t go anywhere. Say what you will about the structures built upon it - they can last for centuries or collapse in decades - but the land will still be there. That timeless quality makes real estate a durable and perhaps even immortal form of investment. One could buy a piece of land and establish a trademark and build money-making enterprise upon it, which remains profitable for generations to come. On the other hand, one could purchase a building to watch it get destroyed by fire or natural disaster. In either scenario, the land underneath proves vital to preserving the value of the investment.
The list of investment options in the modern economy is remarkable. However, when it comes to demand, security, value, and attraction, the only one that makes the cut is real estate.