Revealed: 5 of the most common personal injury claims

Posted: 16th October 2019 11:46

With millions of cases each year, the personal injury claim industry is literally booming. Although the types of personal injury claims vary, here you’ll find 5 of the most common claims.

Medical malpractice

As patients we put our trust in Drs and medical professionals to ensure that we have the best chance of leading normal, happy and healthy lives. However, sometimes due to negligence, things don’t always go to plan. There is a wide range of medical malpractice cases out there, however some of the most common include:
When treatment from a Dr or a medical team falls below the expected standard and as such injury or death should occur, then a claimant may have a valid case of medical malpractice.

Car accidents

A car accident occurs when a drivers negligence causes a collision, which in turn results in injury. Car accident cases are possibly the most common in the US. Many plaintiffs claim loss of earnings, the cost of sky high medical bills as well as on going medical treatment and even psychological suffering. If you were the party that caused the collision then you are usually financially responsible.

Slip and fall cases

When we walk or spend time in public places, the owners of the property in question whether it be a shopping mall, store, public swimming pool, parking lots, bars, restaurants etc, are responsible for keeping everyone inside safe.

So much so that they should be able to go about their business without risk of injury or immediate danger. A slip and fall case occurs when the property manager has failed to identify hazards or potential dangers which has caused a slip or a fall and resulted in an injury, this makes them libel. Types of scenarios include:
Dog bites
There are around 5 million reported dog bite cases in America each year, making them one of the most common personal injury cases. A dog bite can be painful, potentially life threatening and certainly mentally damaging.

However some laws on dog bite liability to vary from state to state, especially in some states where a “one bite rule” is enforced. However, if you have been bitten by a dog then speak to a personal injury lawyer, as it’s owner could be financially responsible for your medical bills.


While an assault is a criminal case, the victim can still file a personal injury claim which will run alongside criminal proceedings. If an assault has left the victim physically unable to work or even mentally distressed, then they are within their rights to claim compensation for the attack.