Simon&Co Sàrl Wins PR and Communications Consultant of the Year

Posted: 17th April 2024 09:07

Winner in the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2023/24 

Established by PR specialist Virginie Simon, Simon&Co Sàrl is a leading public relations and communications agency. Expert consultant Virginie has 17 years of industry experience alone and operates from the company’s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, whilst Simon&Co boasts regional offices in Zurich, Bern and Sion, alongside London and Madrid – representing a major international operation. With the goal of establishing, developing, and promoting brands over the long term, Virginie and her team believe in the value of building strong relationships with their clients and all their relevant partners. With a Europe-wide influence, Simon&Co has established an international client base that spans a variety of sectors, assisting major brands such as Diageo, Netatmo, Medtronic and Wikimedia CH.
The PR specialist’s service incorporates a breadth of techniques and methods that are key to successfully growing your brand, with Virginie and her talented team often combining multiple methods to develop a brand’s long-term communications strategy. From drafting in influencers and handling crisis PR scenarios to creating an eclectic range of targeted content and coaching business leaders in how to handle their marketing communications, Simon&Co’s services are far reaching. The consultancy’s approach is client-centric and strategically minded, as it works with brands at any stage in their growth. From CEOs and marketing managers to content teams, Simon&Co interacts with all levels of the business to offer genuine insights and prepare their strategy for the long term, ensuring the brand as whole knows how to react in a variety of situations – including in a crisis.
The judging panel was particularly impressed by the versatility and diversity of the consultant’s services and expertise. Simon&Co has never restricted itself to collaborating with brands in certain industries, and its breadth of experience across many sectors has enabled it to gather an expert knowledge of how to communicate with target audiences. The consultancy’s diverse array of services has been boosted by the exceptional partnership network it has created that’s brimming with specialists in graphic design, web development and video production, enabling Simon&Co to bring those techniques into its personalised and goal-driven brand strategies.
“Simon&Co helps businesses grow their brand, navigate from troubled PR waters, and connect with their audience through expert-led communications strategies.”