Some Key Trends to Watch for this 2017 in the Mobile Casino Industry

Posted: 13th April 2017 12:06

Most trends come and go; they are ‘fashionable’ for a while, but then after a period, they lose their popularity and are relegated to the back burner. But some trends are fortunate enough to become a standard – and the following trends certainly look like they are here to stay. Here are some key trends to watch for this 2017 in the mobile casino industry.
The facts
The facts are quite clear: this year, the online gambling market is expected to double its value in less than 10 years. In 2018, the market is expected to reach the $50 billion mark, what with traditional gambling platforms embracing the online versions of different games. Mobile casino gaming is a big player in this space, and it’s not only expected to grow – it’s expected to grow by leaps and bounds.

The key trends in the mobile casino industry
Slot games have always been popular – but expect them to take centrestage in the coming months and years. Today, mobile gaming is at an all-time high, taking up as much as 20% of all gambling-related activities online. And one of the main reasons for this is slot games. Slot games are easy to develop for mobile use, and not only this – slots are easy to play and can deliver payouts of as much as 97%, hence their attraction to players of all ages. The variety of slot games is so broad and anyone can take advantage of different themes, bonuses, free offers and so on, such as those being offered at
Nowadays, smart phones are the major device used for mobile casino gaming. But this is all set to change in the near future, as the mobile phone may well be edged out by the tablet. The numbers say it all: the revenue produced through gaming with the use of tablets is rising even as we speak (even faster than the rise of revenues through smart phones), and, in the year 2018, the market value of the use of such gadgets is expected to double (to as much as Euro 8.2 billion). This is probably augmented by the release of tablets primarily dedicated to – and designed for – gaming, allowing players to benefit from larger and brighter displays, higher quality images, and better, more seamless touch controls.
Mobile gaming will definitely become easier to access and will be more efficient in the coming years. The reason for this is simple: broadband Internet connections are more reliable and stable than ever, so more individuals are opting to play with their mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, more sites are focusing on developing games which can be played even without stable Internet – which will be a big attraction for many as well.