Techniques gaming companies use to produce content to help their customers use their products

Posted: 13th March 2017 08:54

Gaming companies are the perfect example of an industry that relies almost entirely on user experience. The online casino industry is more crowded than it’s ever been, meaning that there is a lot of competition, and online casinos need to take measures to ensure that their customers are fully supported while they play. This is why they invest so many resources in techniques that provide helpful solutions for their customers. Other companies could easily learn from the lengths that online casinos go to and improve their quality of customer service by offering support on even more platforms and giving customers quick and easy access to information about their products.  Soon enough, companies over a range of industries will be utilising these methods of providing customer support:

Blogs and online magazines

Blogs and online magazines have become increasingly popular with online casinos. Interesting blog posts and articles are a great way to get people visiting the website, tackling a variety of trending topics and covering a lot of fascinating and relevant information that will get people interested in their online casino’s games. But, they can also be a great asset to new players and help them get to grips with the games. Some of the best online casinos publish helpful guides on their blogs and online magazines that explain some of the more complicated features of their games - for example, paylines. People that don’t normally play slot machines often don’t understand pay lines or why they exist, which is why Wink Slots wrote a helpful guide to slots paylines that people can easily access though the Wink Slots website. This makes it so much easier for new players to get comfortable with the games and is also a great way to introduce players to new games that they might not have played before.

YouTube Channels

This method of producing content has been popular for some time and many online gaming websites and casinos use their YouTube channels to promote new games as well as share entertaining and educational content. There is no rulebook for making YouTube content, so you’ll often find that the channels of different casinos are often very different, but being active on YouTube is a great way to get noticed and get people interested in the games. Video guides are also a great asset to both new and seasoned players looking to get better at the games. Video guides tend to be more popular than infographics and written guides because they offer clear visuals for the person watching and tend to be quite short and sweet. Some great examples of video guides done right are the snippet tutorials produced by Royal Vegas Online Casino. Royal Vegas have a long list of video guides on their YouTube channel that tell players how to use the online casino and how to play the games. Best of all, all of them are less than two minutes long, so people can get the information they need quickly and dive right into the action.

Live dealers and Live chat

For players with less common questions about a company’s online games, there are support options available on the online casinos that are always useful and appreciated. Rather than sending an email and waiting for days to get a reply to their question, players can check to see if any support staff are online and enter into a live chat with them to get some quick answers. Other online casinos also allow live chat between players, which means that players can ask each other for tips and improve each other’s' gaming experience. One of the most important aspects of modern customer support is giving customers quick and easy access to the information they need, and live chat features are an excellent way for them to find answers in seconds. Live casinos online are also a great method of offering help to customers. Low stakes live games are a place where inexperienced players can get to know the game and talk to the dealer and the other players. While live casinos and live dealers are still in their early days, Playtech’s investment in the world’s largest live casino studio might indicate that this type of gaming experience is going to continue improving in quality and become even more popular in the future.