The Corporate LiveWire Global Awards Guide 2022/23 is now out.

Posted: 29th June 2023 17:11

The Corporate LiveWire Global Awards celebrates the recent success and continued achievements of businesses and individuals across a wide range of sectors and industries whilst also addressing some of the most pertinent issues facing key sectors today. 

Over the past year 29,408 nominations were received by the awards team at Corporate LiveWire from over 30 countries around the world. Winners were chosen for innovation, ethical practice, industry recognition, and most importantly service excellence.

Awards Director, Andrew White, commented: “It has been inspiring to discover the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm with which our winners have approached their work. It has also been particularly heart-warming to learn about the positive impact they have had on their clients and customers.”

The Corporate LiveWire team discuss some of the most notable changes from around the world from advertising & marketing strategies to challenges and opportunities in intellectual property to award and recognise business professionals and entrepreneurs that have supported their community and provided invaluable services.
In addition to the awards, the publication takes an in-depth look at how the National Health Service in the UK has found itself in an existential crisis, and explore several success stories across the healthcare industry, from dentistry and aesthetic treatments to care homes and mental health.
The full winners guide can be found at:

For more information on the awards or to vote in Corporate LiveWire’s upcoming award programs please click here.