The Corporate Path vs The Entrepreneurial Path

Posted: 27th May 2015 11:48

Whilst the idea of a guaranteed pay check each and every month is not only appealing but a probable necessity dependent on your financial situation and current lifestyle it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get satisfaction in your working life. On the flipside those who either shy away from the corporate world to carry out their own endeavours or decide that they have simply been doing it too long can always try a more entrepreneurial path.
Financial stability is one of the most attractive lures to working in the corporate world. It’s something that more or less everyone at some point will think about, and many of us who sit studying for years at college and university end up in. But why is that? There’s a combination of reasons that some of us end up stuck in a job on a potential corporate ladder that simply never goes anywhere. The truth of the matter is some people do find that environment and that working lifestyle comfortable. In fact so comfortable that before they know it they’ve been there for 20 years with little to nothing to show for it. Dreams are put on hold and the future creeps up on your before you know it.
A large percentage of people simply do not currently have a job they want, enjoy or set out to have. They’re uninspired, unmotivated and their job can be repetitive and is just no longer exciting for them. Without this interest or excitement in what they’re doing you do have to ask yourself - why do it? Yes it’s a guaranteed wage and yes that is important especially if you have bills, a home and family to take care of. But is it right to spend almost half your life doing something you don’t really want to do, wishing your life away and simply living for the weekend.
Those a little braver amongst us are able to break away from the mundane 9-5 of the corporate world and take a journey from start-up to business doing something that we’re actually passionate about. Becoming your own boss is no walk in the park and there is much more work to be done than likely that of a normal everyday job. But if you’re doing what you love do you ever really work? You will initially earn less money and your otherwise personal down time will be eaten up with extra work but your new career will become your lifestyle. With motivation, innovation and application you can help develop every one of your existing skills into something that excites and stimulates you to work even harder from this day forward. It could be the next stepping stone to you getting a slice of the millionaire lifestyle.