Three Reasons Your Manufacturing Company Should Go Green

Posted: 19th March 2018 09:26

When any item or supply is manufactured, some kind of waste product is produced. Companies that make paper have a lot of contaminated waste water and even pulp to contend with. Clothing manufacturers need to dispose of fabric scraps and excess thread spindles. Even if you use environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, your company is still going to be left with literally tons of waste. For that reason, your manufacturing plant really should be considering going green. Apps like GoCanvas make it convenient for all types of companies to go completely green. Imagine running a manufacturing company where you don’t have to sign or print paperwork of any kind. If you still aren’t sold, here are three of the biggest reasons for your manufacturing facility to go green for good.

1. Less Storage Space Necessary

Even if your company is run out of a warehouse, you will likely want to make the best possible usage of all available space. Instead of needing a large portion of your business location to store paper documents, what if you were able to go green and do everything online? First, there’s the possibility that your business could expand. At the very least, your company might be able to increase its manufacturing schedule. Businesses that go green generally have more space to operate within and need less room to store papers.

2. Track Everything Digitally

When a company goes green it just means that instead of using paper, all documents and files are stored on a computer instead. So, your workers will still get time cards, performance evaluations, surveys, and other forms. You will still need to produce invoices, bills, and expense reports. What will be different is the fact that no paperwork will actually need to be printed or stored on site, save for a few exceptions. So, after you get some tablets with signing capabilities, you’ll also need a way to get to your digital documents whenever necessary. Going green will be a big change for your company but in the end, there will also be much better organization.

3. Lower Waste Costs

Consider your budget for waste removal and then think about what would happen if you could reduce it by 25%.  What about reducing the amount of money your business spends on waste removal by 50%? By going green, your dumpsters will fill up slower and your workers won’t have to take out the trash as often. You’ll also spend less on recycling and garbage removal in general, so going green can be excellent for getting a business budget in check.
If you are already manufacturing an item or product of some sort, you’ve got to deal with tons and tons of waste. Since you don’t have very much control over the waste produced in the manufacturing process, go green when it comes to your back office operations. Things will be easier for your support staff, your company will stay better organized, and you can be certain that you are doing your part to keep the environment healthy.