Three Tips on Handling Inbound Sales Calls

Posted: 27th August 2019 11:34

In any call center environment, inbound sales calls are typically easier than outbound sales calls. That’s because the customer is calling in for a product or service rather than an agent cold calling through a list of numbers.
Typically, inbound call center software routes the calls to the agent and from there, the magic begins. But even though they’re seemingly easier than outbound calls, agents can easily lose customers if they don’t play their cards right with their sales tactics. An agent should always keep the following in mind at all times.
Know your product
Knowing your product is very important when you’re on a sales call. If you are speaking with a client and you can’t answer detailed questions about your product, then you don’t come off as credible.
Some agents will say that they’re inexperienced with the product or service as an excuse. But for the customer, this just means that they should speak to another representative selling a similar product — one who has all the information necessary to close the deal. You never want to hang up with someone who still has questions. Even if you have to place the client on a brief hold to find the information, you should do so.
Improvise when necessary
Improvisation in sales does not mean making up answers that you don’t know. It means that you go with the flow of your conversation rather than sticking to a script. Although the script is very helpful, it is more important to have key points written down to really show your caller that your product or service is worth the investment.
When a customer is on the line, you must always listen to everything they have to say, even if it is unrelated to your product or service. If the customer feels as though they are not the most important person in the conversation, they are liable to hang up. A happy caller is a happy client, and they will be more likely to recommend you to their friends and neighbors.
Control the conversation
Although you may feel as though you’ve lost your caller when they go off topic and you’re forced to improvise, the conversation can always be turned back around. Without interrupting the caller, add information that may be related to your product or service in the call as a filler. Make sure to relate the product or service to your client’s everyday life, so that they feel the product is necessary.
Once the caller is comfortable knowing all of the information about your product and how it ties into their everyday life, they are more likely to give it a chance, especially if you give it a personal review. Ensure that the conversation doesn’t flow out of your control and you’ll be able to bring your caller back around to take an interest in your product or service.
Call center work is never easy, no matter what your product or service is. And call center performance is key for any product or service to succeed on the market. Call center software can only take you so far, so the pitch is up to you. Sometimes people are just calling because they want more information on a product or service, and they hang up considering all of the great details you just gave them.
Don’t feel bad if you don’t close the deal right away. These types of callers usually call back within the next few days to make their purchase. Always remember to do your best at representing your product or service and give them all the information they need to make an informed decision.