Three Ways to Fight Stagnation When Working From Home

Posted: 13th March 2018 08:29

So, you’ve been working from home as an SEO specialist and the set-up seems perfect. You don’t have to deal with the heavy traffic anymore, you have an understanding boss who motivates you and brings out the best in you, you have cool virtual workmates you can rely on during working hours, your compensation is enough for you to pay your monthly bills and rent. There seems to be no problem and everything’s going well… or so you thought. You started feeling too complacent to the point of stagnation. How do you get yourself together and start working well again? Here are several ways to combat stagnation.

1. Ditch the Chips, Eat Healthily

Perhaps one of the reasons why you’re feeling sluggish is that you always grab instant snacks you can find in your fridge. Working from home gives you more time to prepare a hearty meal. Before heading to your station, toss some greens in your bowl and fuel up with a glass of water. Also, don’t forget to eat on time. Having a healthy and satisfying meal before working gets your brain pumped with the nutrients it needs.

2. Revamp Your Station

At home, you don’t want your personal space to be messy. You must also allow time to personalise your cubicle and rearrange it from time to time. Having an organised, neat, and vibrant desk will make you feel more energised and productive. Also, as an SEO specialist, you need to enhance your analytical skills. Why not do it in a fun way? Consider having a mini puzzle on your desk, or a Rubik’s Cube to exercise your mind. You can also improve your station from a boring desk to a fresh workspace by making your area a work of art. Try getting a mini plant on your desk for a relaxing vibe.

3. Take Charge of Your House

You have probably overlooked some aspects of your home that you didn’t know could affect the way you work. It could be the lighting, the wallpaper, the tiles, or even the door, which is perhaps the last thing a homeowner would change. For a sleek and elegant vibe, you may opt for good quality, black composite doors for your home office. Most people would find the colour a bit gloomy but did you know that the colour black symbolises power, authority, elegance, and strength? For your wallpaper or wall paint, try the colour red which symbolises energy, intensity, and passion. Not only will it look good with your sophisticated black door, it will also boost your mood.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple change in your lifestyle or environment to get your creative juices flowing again.