Three Ways to Spoil Your Customers and Colleagues

Posted: 26th December 2016 18:50

Learn the Many Ways to Improve your Communication Methods

It is important to show gratitude through your actions more than just through your words. Your employees and your clients both put their trust in you and perhaps, are the biggest reason why your organization is developing or has developed.

It is important for you to prove that you value them and their words to embed a sense of belonging and importance in them. The more you communicate with them, the more valuable you make them feel.
Here are the 3 ways in which you can improve upon your communication with them:

Online Meeting

It is important for your customers as well as colleagues to feel worthy and deserving of your time and attention. Through vocal interaction, customers and the colleagues will feel closer to you and it will result in increasing their level of motivation and trust in your organization. The more efficiently you respond to their queries and needs, the better they feel working for you. Use audio conference calls service to:

Use dial out service and let your audio conferencing participants join themeeting just by answering the phone!


Introduce platforms that carry out work/co-working tasks in ways that are more interactive than the rest. Free cloud services such as Slack allow you to:
·         Share your work
·         Brainstorm on group projects
·         Separately discuss the group project
·         Remain updated on all organizational matters
·         Stay connected on the go through the use of engaging apps
·         Private chat options for sharing confidential information
·         Say good-bye to the hassle of e-mailing
·         Stay connected through organization-wide social media


Motivation is a key factor behind spoiling your colleagues - in a good way! The fact that they are being acknowledged for their excellent performance in a manner where their co-workers can recognize this allows them to feel valued and important. This motivates the workers, especially in a co-working environment. Through Rhythm, you can:
·         Recognize employee performance
·         Give them feedback
·         Allow them to understand their daily work tasks and what is expected of them
·         Allow them to set their targets and goals
·         Keep them aware and motivated

Pamper your clients and colleagues with these facilities if you want them to hold you and organization in high regard.