Top 3 Recruitment Trends for 2020

Posted: 10th December 2019 14:15

Finding the right employees for your business can consume most of your time and energy, and even after a thorough screening and interview process, you don’t always get the right candidate. Finding the right match for your company’s culture can be just as important as sourcing someone with the right skills. Not to mention the fact that many employers are now prioritizing the importance of experience over qualifications. Thankfully, technology has come a long way in recent years, offering a huge helping hand to businesses looking to find their ideal new employee.

Keep reading to discover the top three recruitment trends predicted for 2020; you never know, they might help you find your best employee to date.

An Expectation of High Candidate Experience

If you want to not only find the best candidate but also ensure that they accept a job offer from your business, then you need to check that their candidate experience is top-notch. In fact, candidates who are satisfied with their candidate experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offerthan those who aren’t. Furthermore, even if a candidate is not successful in getting a job with your business, if they are happy with their candidate experience, then they are much more likely to recommend your company to a friend or colleague. In contrast, a bad candidate experience can result in 83% of people changing their mind about a role or company they previously liked.

Soft Skills Will Be in Demand

Soft skills refer to candidate attributes that are social and emotional such as communication, collaboration and empathy, and it is these soft skills that the U.S workforce is currently lacking in. In fact, between now and 2030, the demand for these skills will increase by 26% in the U.S and 22% in Europe. Therefore, employers should be looking out for candidates with these characteristics during the interview process, as these are the employees who will be able to adapt to the changing business world and embrace new technologies. Leadership Alliance, a leading business consultancy firm, can help you find the right employees with the skillsets you need to drive your business forward in 2020.

Your Business’ Brand Is More Vital Than Ever

The highest quality candidates want to work for a business that has a good brand image. No longer are simple perks like a higher salary or other monetary incentives enough to attract the best candidates. Businesses now have to ensure that their brand promotes a positive working culture, that they have good values and that they are ethically focused. The easiest way to make your brand more attractive is by actively listening to job seekers, potential candidates and your existing employees. Find out what they want from a brand, as well as what they currently think about your brand. Sites such as Glassdoor can be very helpful for finding out what your past employees and potential candidates thought about your brand, as well as your candidate experience. However, be warned that this site can also be detrimental to your brand if you receive poor reviews, as it can put off high-quality candidates from working with your business.