Top Pop-Up and Slider Smartphones

Posted: 23rd May 2019 14:13

It seems that pop-up cameras have just become the in thing with tech companies right now. At the moment, slider smartphones and pop-up cameras are the latest tech trend and looks like it’s here to stay. So, which are the top pop-up and slider smartphones? Well, wonder no more because we give you our top 3 below. Also, note that these phones are also compatible with mobile online casino gambling software too. This is a cool feature for those that want to relax and unwind. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Huawei P Smart Z

This phone has a 16MP pop-up selfie camera. It also comes with a combo of 5MP and 16MP. Furthermore, the phone supports AI camera features. This cool device also comes with the following:


OPPO was one of the companies to launch a smartphone with a pop-up camera. It came as no surprise when they did the same with the Reno, which also happens to be the first member of the series sports one.
This device, which is compatible with most best sports betting sites designs, comes with a 16MP pop-up front camera, just like the Huawei P Smart Z. however; its camera comes in a wedge shape and only pops up while tilted. It also has 3 rear cameras with 8MP, 13MP and 48MP. Other features that the device has include the following:

Samsung Galaxy A80

This is the most recently released. Its pop-up camera rotates. That means the camera acts as both the rear camera and the selfie camera. All you have to do is choose if you want to use the front or rear camera and the camera will position itself correctly. The phone also has the following features: