What is the most up to date country with technology?

Posted: 1st December 2016 14:19

It’s difficult to define one specific country that is the most up to date with technology. Nowadays it feels as though there isn’t such a thing as ‘up to date’. Every day new technology is being discovered and developed and new uses for current technologies are being uncovered all the time. However, in most countries there are certain fields of study and industries that are more advanced compared to others’. For example, Germany is on the top of the scale for automobile technology while Finland has the most advanced industry of information technology. So, instead of trying to find the best of the best, it makes more sense to make a list of the biggest contenders.
Tokyo, especially, is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Robotics in particular is one of their strong suits and they regularly adapt and utilise any new advances to improve current technology, such as the incredibly advanced Tokyo train system. They’re also world leaders in entertainment and transport technology, being the origin of huge, world famous brands like Nintendo and Toyota. They’ve made incredible changes to a lot of industries and continue to advance our and expand the capabilities of technology.
The U.S.A. might not be overall the most technologically advanced, but they are certainly the most innovative country, especially when it comes to technology. Some of the most creative and memorable technologies have come out of America and they are the most well rounded country in regards to technology, whether that be robotics, information technology, military technology or space technology. This might because of their economy that is able to support young and ambitious inventors, or it might be a result of the culture that praises entrepreneurs and innovators. The biggest technological giants are all located in America and their list of inventors continues to grow.
One of the main reasons why Germany has maintained a top spot in the list of the most technologically advanced countries is their support of research and innovation. The government regularly supply grants and scholarships to young intellectuals with potential and supply funding for university research. They’re at the top of the list for pharmaceutical and medical technology, engineering and infrastructure in addition to their incredibly advance automotive industry. They’re even making strides to improve their environmental technology, especially in airports and after applying for your E111 you could visit and see for yourself the improvements they’ve made in recent years. Germany also produce more scientific research than most countries and have the potential and resources to maintain their top spot as one of the most technologically advanced countries for a very long time.
Israel has made incredible advances over the past 20 years in regards to military and medical technology.  Many of the Nobel Prize winners of the early 2000s were from Israel, specialising in biology and chemistry. They have made industry changing improvements to drone technology and have continued to develop the technology of Ultrasound, MRI and CT scanners. Their technology looks to the future and they are one of the strongest contenders in the race to perfect the technology of a self-driving car.