What the Novomatic/Playtech Merger Means for Online Gaming

Posted: 15th April 2021 12:57

The growth of online gaming and gambling has been exponential in the last decade and looks likely to see continued expansion as technology, convenience, and trends make it increasingly popular. From a business perspective, it is a sector worth keeping your eye on and provides masses of hours of entertainment for the online gamer and player.

Globally, the online gaming and gambling market is expected to double in size by 2023. It’s an industry that is on the rise, and thus it’s important to know what’s afoot in this sector if you’re interested in money and finance news in any way or even if you’re just a gamer and player. The recent merger between two of the industry's biggest players will have repercussions across the industry on a global scale, and it's worth knowing why and how this may affect your favorite game or site.

The Big Players in the Games Industry

The online gaming industry is a big earner, and there are two big game makers for online casino games. Playtech and Novomatic are two of the biggest players in the online casino game market. While the two have enjoyed a long-term alliance, there has recently been an announcement that the world’s biggest gambling technology company, Playtech, has entered into a non-exclusive sports wagering alliance with Novomatic.

This essentially means that Playtech’s sports wagering kiosk system will now be delivered through Novomatic’s ActionBook. This is currently America’s most used sports wagering kiosk. The alliance brings together technology and content that will continue to promote the growth of the industry and arguably improve some of the gaming experiences currently available worldwide.

Great quality has been the hallmark of both these gaming giants, and a great example of the type of quality the merger will continue to bring. The merger will enable the firms to leverage the advantages of both companies and looks to promote new technology and innovation to lead the market. Game integration is a key aspect of a merger such as this, and many a gamer can only hope that the best of both games stables is able to be amalgamated and made available to the public. There is also more likelihood that the newest of hi-tech can be unleashed through a merger like this, as the finances become available for new game and platform development. 

This new type of company can, for example, take advantage of artificial intelligence, which is providing more efficient playing options and given rise to realistic casino rooms.

Other innovations in online gambling include mobile gaming, which provides accessibility and convenience to a wider audience. As mobile networks get faster and more cost-effective, the option for mobile gambling grows and is being revolutionized.

The future of online gaming and gambling is good, and there will be many more changes and improvements in the industry. The hope is that these changes prove to be good for the consumer. Keeping abreast of industry news is a good way to know what’s new and what’s likely to be trending.