What To Look For In A Quality Live Chat Provider

Posted: 13th December 2017 14:48

If you own or manage an automotive dealership, chances are you know how to close a deal. But that only works if the deal walks through the door to begin with; the problem faced by all dealerships is how to reach out to people initially, how to make it as easy as possible for the customer to learn about your inventory and offers, so that they can walk through your door.
Live chat providers like Gubagoo hold the solution to this problem: use technology to connect with potential buyers by offering people an easy, online way of communicating with your dealership, whether to ask questions about inventory or pricing. Doing this, you ensure that those questions always get answered, and you have a much better chance of making that sale.
What is Live Chat?
Live Chat is simply a chat software that allows business to maximize conversion rates and offer information and support to customers and potential customers. It’s usually done online, either on the dealership’s website or over social media, but it can be expanded to offer SMS and calling as well. 

Why Is Live Chat Important?
As mentioned, live chat services boost conversion rates – that is, they boost the percentage of users on your website or social media that actually buy your product. By offering to answer your customers’ questions, and by using that conversation as an opportunity to inform them of offers, you create a bond with customers, making them more likely to choose you when the time comes for them to buy a car.
What Sets A Quality Live Chat Provider Apart?
There are a few things to look for when shopping around for a live chat provider. One of the most important things to look for is what kind of “integrations” they offer. Integrationsare, in simple terms, when you bring in a third party, like a social media site, to your chat function. The aforementioned Gubagoo, for instance, has Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Messenger integrations, meaning you can use that massive social media site to target potential buyers.
Another feature that sets a great live chat provider apart is what’s called Hybrid Management. Traditionally, as far as live chat is concerned, there are two options: either you yourself answer the questions that come through the chat, or you allow the service provider to manage the chat. With Hybrid Management, however, you get the best of both worlds – youallow the service provider to manage the chat, but you can see every interaction and jump in whenever you want, if for instance you want to further explain something.
Another measure of a great chat provider is 24/7 contact. A frustrating amount of questions from customers happen in the off-hours, but if you find a chat service that offers 24/7 help, they can actually reroute the calls incoming to your business, and make sure the calls are answered by automotive professionals. That way you never have to let down a customer – even those night owl customers!
Live chat services really will change your business for the better, offering stellar ROIs and awesome conversion rates. If there’s one rule of business that trumps all others, it’s that you never want to pass up an opportunity to make a sale, and with a live chat provider you never have to.