Why Are Big Brands Considering Opening E-Pharmacies?

Posted: 20th October 2017 15:58

For those who may be unsure, an e-pharmacy is an online pharmacy that can provide individuals with medications and prescriptions via the Internet. There are two different types, these being organised and disorganised. Organised e-pharmacies are connected to neighbourhood licensed pharmacies, ensuring all transactions are safe. A non-organised e-pharmacy, however, is run by unqualified pharmacists, making transactions a concern due to the lack of knowledge about validated prescriptions. By opening a professional e-pharmacy, however, brands can reach a larger target market and expand their business.

They’re Convenient for Consumers
Whilst pharmacies are located in almost every British town, not everyone has the time or effort to travel to a local pharmacy for a little dose of medication. If the consumer is already ill, for example, travelling to a pharmacy is very inconvenient for them and could even make the illness worse. It’s often embarrassing to order medication in-store depending on the condition. Those looking for generic viagra for example, may feel more comfortable completing a transaction privately online as opposed to in person. Many pharmacies tend to be closed on a Sunday, which can also be inconvenient for consumers, so by opening an e-pharmacy, more sales will be made as they’ll be active all week.

Consumers Have Better Access to Medicines
Whilst pharmacies usually provide the bare necessities, there are often occasions where consumers aren’t able to obtain a specific medicine from their local pharmacy. E-pharmacies have the ability to aggregate supplies, so consumers can gain access to medicines that are usually difficult to pick up locally. Linking back to the convenience point, individuals will not want to travel into different stores in order to pick up their required medicine. Therefore, by opening an e-pharmacy, more consumers will be able to utilise your services due to the greater selection.

It Builds a Larger Client Base
Since many medicines will not be present in local stores for consumers, they will benefit from using your e-pharmacy. This is hugely beneficial for brands as it attracts people from across the nation to browse your products and ultimately purchase them. This wouldn’t be possible by only having a local pharmacy, as people aren’t going to travel from far away counties just to purchase one packet of medicine. Therefore, many big brands are considering opening e-pharmacies as they’ll generate a larger profit due to the increased client base.

Greater Access to Data Records
An organised e-pharmacy is able to use technology in order to stay updated about valid prescriptions. They’re also run by professionals, which is hugely important to maintain a high level of health and safety. Every order can be tracked, which will allow qualified pharmacists to detect any unusual and dangerous drug activity. Self-medication and drug abuse is a huge killer in the UK, and e-pharmacies can run the risk of adding to this statistic if they’re not run properly. By having secure access to data records, however, drug abuse rates can decrease. Access to data will also allow e-pharmacies to plan public health policies, as this grants the opportunity to analyse extensive amounts of data about consumers across the UK.