Why Do Companies Hire Consultants?

Posted: 30th August 2018 09:23

One of the questions that all consultants hate is “why are you hired?” There is a clear lack of knowledge about why companies now actually rely on consultants for so many big business decisions. However, we cannot deny the fact that this is a question that does make a lot of sense. It can seem quite puzzling that a company cannot fix problems without the input of another person.

The only situation in which it is quite obvious why the consultant is hired is when a company expands in a new niche or market. For instance, you will need a marijuana consultant if you want to start selling such a product and you never did before.

Besides what is already known, let’s take a look at other ways in which the consultants help companies right now.

When An Outside View Is Needed

In our personal lives it is normal to talk to family members or friends when there is an issue and we need a second opinion. In a similar way, the companies rely on consultants for the extra help as a tough decision needs to be made. We often see clients having a specific perspective about how a problem should be solved but they do want to be 100% sure that the reasoning is correct. Consultants are contacted to offer an extra opinion.

What has to be mentioned is that the consultants work with many different firms at the same time. It is possible that they already went into the problem a business faces in the past. This means that huge experience can be brought to the table. Thanks to it, the business consultant can actually offer new ideas or highlight extra challenges that clients did not even consider.

Extra Horsepower Is Needed

In cases when a company needs to solve a really important problem but there is no manpower available, consultants can step in to help. The company basically has to focus on the day-to-day operations and the new projects would require a reprioritizing of the core job responsibilities of employees. However, it is not always a good idea to hire a new employee to fill a gap that appears, especially when the project is just a one-off.

When faced with such situations, the consultants are simply serving the company as a highly skilled employee hired for a short time frame. They are not company full-time employees. This is why it is normal to save money as you work with them, as opposed to hiring new staff members. Business consultants often switch companies so they are used to really fast learning curves. It is easy for them to become a member of a team.

Specialized Skills Are Needed

Another reason that is actually quite common for the companies to hire business consultants is that they are getting access to a highly specialized skill set, one that is most likely not available in-house. The consulting firm is filled with professionals that have really diverse skills and clients can get exactly what they need for specific programs.