Why You Should Collect a Car in Person

Posted: 29th February 2024 09:29

Buying a second-hand car is becoming more and more common. Not only is the cost of living crisis creating a real dent in the people who are able to afford to buy a brand new car, but many people also have their eye on cars that are no longer in production or are easier to fix!

There is always a risk in buying something second-hand, but a vehicle is a pretty big and expensive risk.
So, with this in mind, this piece is going to take a look at why you should collect a car in person!

People Are Not Always Honest

Unfortunately, we do not always live in a world where people are upfront, and this can be a real issue when buying and selling things online and offline. The benefits of seeing and collecting a car in person can significantly outweigh the consequences, especially if it is an expensive purchase and you are looking for it to run well.

The last thing you want is for your car to arrive and to discover that there are many more miles on the clock than the original owner had claimed, or that it is significantly damaged in some way that was not documented prior to payment.

If the seller is being honest, they should have no problem with you scouring the car to make sure it is exactly as described – including test driving it if that is an option.

You Can Change Your Mind

It is much easier to change your mind about purchasing something if you haven’t already paid for it. Some people will require you to pay before coming to see a car, but you can also refuse to take it away if it doesn’t meet your standards or if you change your mind. Tip - Make sure to pay through a protected scheme such as PayPal when dealing with strangers.

It is much more hassle to return a second-hand car that doesn’t meet your expectations, and this is also not possible if you buy from someone who “sells as seen”. Another reason to go and see it first!

Shipping is an Option

Choosing a shipping option for your car could be the solution you’re looking for, if you’re buying a car some distance away. Deciding to hire a car transporter is a great solution if you don’t want to pick up the car yourself. Hiring a transporter, will also save you the time and money it takes to get from home, pick up the car, and get back home again, especially if you’ve decided to drive, and had to take a friend or family member with you to drive the other car back.


If this isn’t your first rodeo and you already know that you can transport a car yourself, there are good reasons to think again. The weight and length of your car (and added car) can significantly affect the journey, creating problems or even making it illegal. This is why hiring a car transporter is your best bet when it comes to cutting costs and making your life easier at the same time.