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Comparison of the iPod Touch and the iPhone

The iPod Touch and the iPhone are very similar, but very different. One is a cellphone, one is an iPod, and whilst the iPhone is able to doing the whole thing the iPod Touch can, the iPod Touch can't do the whole thing the iPhone can. Here is a list of the predominant differences.

The biggest distinction among the iPhone and the Touch is that the iPhone is a smartphone and how to record a phone call on iphone. You can make telephone calls on it. You can't make phone calls at the Touch.

However, there are apps at the Touch with a view to come up with some cellphone functions. Apps like Skype will can help you make a smartphone-call when you have a microphone connected on your iPod Touch. Other apps will can help you send textual content messages to a mobile telephone and get hold of replies in that app. AOL makes an app for this called touchTXT.

Since the iPhone is a phone you need to pay your monthly fee in your carrier. Along with the monthly price comes a required facts plan every month. It can get a bit expensive. However, the iPod Touch has no such price attached. You pay for it and you are performed (except you be counted buying Internet provider in your own home or on the street in a hotel).

Storage and Pricing

Currently, the iPhone is to be had in 8GB, 16Gb, and 32GB models (for greater take a look at Comparison of Every iPhone Model). If you need more garage the iPod Touch has you covered. It is available in 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.

You should buy an iPhone 3G (older model) for $ninety nine or pay as a whole lot as $299. The iPod Touch starts offevolved at $199 for the 8GB version (older model) and goes as excessive as $399. While the Touch appears pricier, maintain in thoughts the rate of the iPhone is being subsidized through the cellular smartphone business enterprise and your two year contract. Plus, the iPhone comes with that monthly price. Without that contract you'll be paying plenty more.

Internet Anywhere WIth The iPhone

Another large difference among the two gadgets is that the iPhone can get you at the Internet virtually anywhere. It can use Wi-Fi (as does the Touch) or it can use the mobile telephone organization’s over the air connection. In the U.S. that is done over AT&T’s 3G network.

The iPod Touch will most effective hook up with the Internet if it has a Wi-Fi connection. If you want to get Internet everywhere on the Touch you'll need a device that makes use of the cell towers. Something like Verizon’s MiFi card will do this.

GPS, Compass, and Camera On The iPhone

The iPhone comes with GPS and can be used for flip by means of turn directions. The built in Maps app can do this, or you should purchase apps in iTunes for even better GPS service. While the Touch can decide your location when you have a Wi-Fi connection, it does now not have GPS. To go along with GPS the iPhone additionally has a compass app.

If you want a digicam on your tool you won’t get one with the iPod Touch. The iPhone comes with a integrated digicam and is capable of taking photos and video. The simplest iPod presently with a digital camera is the Nano and that only does video. While many people suppose the Touch will finally get a digicam, it does not have one at this time.

Built-In Microphone On The iPhone

I briefly mentioned this above, however it's far well worth mentioning on its own. The iPhone has a integrated microphone for voice recording (and speakme on the smartphone) and the Touch does now not. However, you could connect a microphone to the iPod Touch via the headphone jack and use apps that require audio input or permit you to make voice recordings.


While maximum apps in iTunes will work on both gadgets there are a few apps which can be iPhone only. Many of the iPhone best apps take benefit of functions which are distinct to the iPhone. They would possibly require the digicam or they might require GPS features. However, there also are some apps which are iPhone simplest that appear to be this manner for no apparent reason. There are numerous apps I even have found that would work great at the iPod Touch, however the developer is promoting it as iPhone simplest. If it isn't marked well matched with the iPod Touch you will now not be capable of set up it.

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