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Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Sector 2013

Biotech and Pharmaceutical is proving to be one of the most innovative and exciting industries at present. The trend toward Personalised Medicines is continuing to flourish, legislation is becoming more open towards the idea of biosimilars and longer life expectancy affords a whole host of new opportunities.  In this latest roundtable we have spoken to 12 leading experts from around the world to discuss all of the latest developments and changes and analyse the affects which they will have.  
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  • Nathaniel Lipkus
    Gilbert's LLP
  • Gregory K. Bell
    Charles River Associates
  • Bonella Ramsay
    DLA Piper LLP
  • Scott Parker
    Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Beatriz Cocina
    Uria Menendez
  • Goncalo Pinto Ferreira
    Albuquerque & Associados
  • Dr. Vivek Kashyap
    LEXORBIS IP Practice
  • Dr. Despina Samara
    Calavros & Partners Law Firm
  • Lisa A. Haile
    DLA Piper US LLP
  • Gary Cox
  • Dr Justin Watts
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