Virtual Round Table

Immigration Law 2014

In this roundtable we spoke with eight experts from around the world to discuss the current Immigration Law landscape. Highlighted topics include regulatory changes and developments in the UK, USA, Canada, China and the Middle East. Our chosen experts also outline how the visa application process operates and outline the main challenges facing clients who are looking to move employees into a new jurisdiction.
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  • Anne Morris
    DavidsonMorris Ltd
  • Laura Devine
    Laura Devine Solicitors
  • Tahmina Watson
    Watson Immigration Law
  • Charles Kuck
    Kuck Immigration Partners LLC
  • Zhanna B. Snelbecker
    National Immigration Law Group, PLLC
  • Luis Quiel
    Mossack Fonseca Group
  • Priti Patel
    Ash Norton Solicitors
  • Evan Green
    Green and Spiegel LLP
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