Virtual Round Table

Virtual Round Table - Immigration Law 2022

In this roundtable our chosen experts discuss the latest trends and outline the recent regulatory changes relating to immigration law. We discover the on-going impacts of COVID-19, Brexit and the war in Ukraine, as well as exploring other key topics such as immigration in the supply chain space, tax considerations to factor into financial and strategic planning, and common reasons visas tend to get held up or rejected.
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  • Ashley Dworsky
    Dworsky Law Firm
  • Ana Garicano
    Sagardoy Abogados
  • Gabriela Lessa
  • Olivia McLaren
    McLaren Ltd
  • Laura Canepa
    Mobility LC
  • Emel Yilmaz
    Global Immigration Law
  • Sarah M.M. Duckham
    Trow & Rahal in Washington, DC
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