Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023

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In this year’s edition of the Innovation & Excellence Awards, we offer an in-depth look at some of the key topics that are grabbing the world’s attention. As states across the U.S. continue to legalise the recreational use of marijuana, we get an expert  view on how this has affected child custody disputes across the region (page 126). Furthermore,  we take a look at how today’s volatile economic landscape is affecting the world of mergers and acquisitions, with a deep dive into the deal struck between global heavyweights World  Wrestling Entertainment and Ultimate Fighting Championship (page 138).
The shadow of artificial intelligence (AI) looms large too, with more businesses introducing  and further developing this cutting-edge technology to help their customers. As a result, we  take a look at how AI is aiding the financial sector in analysing big data, whilst infusing itself into a breadth of other industries – from sports and gaming to marketing and education.